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The firm’s dealing with its client is extremely confidential and the confidentiality remains even after the matter is disposed off. Our team does not believe in giving false assurances to the clients in order to just procure the work. We believe in giving honest and truthful advice and we do not promote frivolous litigation just to get sadistic pleasure.


Cheque Bounce

Cheques are used in almost all transactions such as re-payment of loan, payment of salary, bills, fees, etc. A vast majority of cheques are processed and cleared by banks on daily basis.


In order to become a licensed attorney, a person must understand the basics of all kinds of law. However, attorneys usually choose to focus on one or two specific areas of law.


Contemplating divorce, deciding to file for divorce, responding to a divorce or filing for divorce all can be extremely stressful moments in our lives.


Our practice exclusively focuses on family law matters. This gives us the ability to tailor our expertise to your specific family law needs.

Motor Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, you’re probably feeling scared, alone, confused and on top of that, you may be suffering injuries that are affecting your everyday life.


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